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European Perfume Works Co. LLC (EPW) understands that a satisfied customer is the greatest asset of any organization and hence we strive hard to maintain a high standard of service to our valued customers. Continuous investments made by us to improve efficiency, innovation and adherence to quality standards result in production of high quality, competitive products that generate excitement through alignment of sophistication with modern luxury and elegance. Our strict adherence to GMP and the firm belief in high values help us to safeguard and highlight our clients brand reputations.

These working principles are the core values that guide our business practices and focus our mission to serve clients as a leader in the cosmetics industry.

We value, efficient production for immediate return

Our detailed focus on perfecting the art of vertical integration helps us to rapidly deliver high quality products for our customers for them to seize the market opportunities at the right moment helping them to realize a remarkable return on their investment.

We value, ground breaking products for an evolving market

We consider the ever changing dynamics of the industry as an opportunity to bring revolutionary and visionary concepts of our clients to life. We work hand in hand with our clients to create products that leave a lasting impression on the minds of our consumers.

We value, precision in manufacturing for impeccable product quality

From on-site component production and labeling to our most modern laboratory setting for fragrance R&D, our end-to-end supply chain management ensures that quality control leaves nothing to chance.

We value, streamlined supply chains for competitive pricing

We realize that our clients success is our success. We are capable of providing affordable production options without compromising either in quality or profit margins. Our modernized manufacturing lines are capable of manufacturing products that exceeds the expectations of our valued clients.

We value, adaptable processes for stress-free customization

Our experienced team oversees every step of the development process with a clear understanding that they may have to meet the unique requirements that may be required to create unique products. We take pride in our ability to adapt to changes quickly and in our capability to integrate fresh ideas that revitalize every product of ours.

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European Perfume Works Co. LLC
P.O Box : 23121, Sharjah, UAE
Phone : +971- 65342022
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