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EPW stands out as a pioneer in the industry. We are more than a service provider – we are your partner, acting as a trusted advisor and a dependable execution team to help you realize the full potential of your product line.

Concept to delivery engagement

We support your product throughout the life cycle of its development and beyond. Our in house experts in R&D, 2D and 3D design, concept evaluation, and product development offer you their insight and take your vision from concept to reality. Our Project Execution Team understands your unique requirements to develop the products as conceived by you.

Adaptable manufacturing processes

Our investment in technology efficiencies has placed EPW in a unique position to execute orders on time without compromising on quality. We bring cosmetics to market by leveraging cutting edge manufacturing techniques that allow for flexible order volume and support for the production of a broad array of products, from fragrances to hair care products. Our UAE facility boasts high speed automatic, semi-automatic, and manual production lines, an electrostatic coating plant for expedient bottle lacquering, and state-of-the-art injection molding machinery. This dedication to efficiency has helped us to achieve an extraordinary level of vertical integration, and has established EPW as an authority in optimization of supply chain management.

Competitive pricing for superior quality

Our continuous fine tuning of standard business practices to create an efficient, modernized supply chain result in cost reductions that allow EPW to price its products competitively. Rather than cutting corners on the services, product quality, and concrete expertise that impact success of our clients, we focus on advanced technologies and improvised best practices that promote high capacity production. The business ethics and value system that underpin EPW's mission solidifies this boundary, ensuring that clients are receiving a continuity of service that puts their needs first.

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