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European Perfume Works Co. LLC (EPW) was established in 1991 in the UAE with a rich heritage acquired through over two decades of experience and know-how in manufacturing of perfumery and personal care products. EPW has carved a niche for itself in the perfume industry as an innovator in perfume manufacturing and a pioneer in the distribution and marketing of the products to our valuable global clients.

The manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art high-speed automatic lines capable of meeting cost effective large production volumes as well as flexible lines for small production runs of a large variety of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Toiletry Products. This coupled with the strength of the Company in innovation, R&D, manufacturing and vertical integration have contributed to the growth and stability of the Company

Variety – The spice of life

Our extensive experience and market expertise are the key factors that help us to create unique product offerings that bring fresh scents, vibrant colors and other must-have products that add value to the global markets. Generous investment in state-of-the-art factory technologies enable simultaneous production of a multitude of products.

Quality – The hall mark of beauty

Our reputation for quality bear testimony to our commitment which extends beyond the products we bring to the market. Our compliance to international standards serve as the foundation for the commitment shown by the staff to manufacture products of international standards. We are committed to the society at large and take the required steps to improve the lives of our clients, the society they belong to, and the people they serve.

Progress – An innovative approach

We continually leverage best practices to embrace new opportunities. We seek out exciting product strategies and marketing tactics that honour, but extend beyond, the traditional arena. Our products become undeniable day to day essential for our valued customers.

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European Perfume Works Co. LLC
P.O Box : 23121, Sharjah, UAE
Phone : +971- 65342022
Fax : +971- 65342378

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