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At European Perfume Works Co. LLC (EPW) we manufacture, package and store a wide range of beauty and personal care products that complies with the specifications and the requirements of our valued customers. Our manufacturing facility in Sharjah has ample space and state of the art technology required to produce high quality toiletries, beauty and skin care products. Our strict adherence to international quality standards and commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices have helped us to manufacture products that meet the stringent legal requirements of the global community.

We have an enviable high quality product line including different types of perfumes, deodorants and hair care products available in liquid, aerosol or cream forms. We also manufacture deosticks, depilatories and different types of lotion under the following brands.

  • Jean Paul Dupont
  • Creation Lamis
  • Dorall Collection
  • Precious Secrets
  • Addiction
  • CP Trendies
  • Paris Collection
  • Bio Glow

Our 250,000 square feet facility has multiple filling lines that are designed to avoid any type of cross contamination between the products that we produce and package. These multiple lines include both fully automatic and semi-automatic lines set up for perfumes, body sprays, shower gel, shampoos, lotions and creams. These liquids are packed in various bottles, tubes and jars in different shapes and sizes. The timely investments made by us since inception in 1991 has helped us to develop this well organized facility to manufacture high quality competitive products. Continuous investments on an on-going basis has become an unwritten policy of the company which helps us to always remain ahead of the competition.

Facts & Figures

  • Our facility has the capability to producing millions of high quality perfume products every year. On an average, we fill around 50 million aerosol cans and 30 million toiletry items per annum.
  • We have multiple filling lines for perfumes, lotions, aerosol items and skin creams.
  • Each liquid filling line can be suitably adapted to meet the requirements of different types of packaging including sealing, coding and labelling of each item.

Contact Us

European Perfume Works Co. LLC
P.O Box : 23121, Sharjah, UAE
Phone : +971- 65342022
Fax : +971- 65342378

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