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European Perfume Works Co. LLC (EPW) is a trend-setter and has set an international precedent for the manufacturing and distribution of perfumery and personal care products. Our respect for tradition and eye for innovation have positioned us as a pioneer in a constantly evolving global marketplace.

Our state-of-the –art manufacturing facilities keep us ahead of the competition and a cut above the rest. The EPW production facility boasts cutting edge automatic and manual lines that allow for cost-effective flexibility in order fabrication. Our capabilities give us a unique ability to manage small orders of our clients alongside high volume runs across Perfume, Cosmetic and Toiletry Products. These processes combined with our R&D Expertise along with vertical integration enable our customers to stay ahead of their competition. We deem the success of our customers as our success which spearheads our growth and help us to maintain a stable and steady share of the market.

Ideal location

UAE by its unique position and infrastructure facilities have earned the status of a perfect logistical hub. It is often identified as the optimal strategic location for re-export business in light of its Arab League duty exemption and position as a growing economic powerhouse.

Futuristic development srategy

We believe that a clear vision of a clever idea is the seed for a good product. EPW believes in sharing its wealth of R&D tools with its clients to nurture innovation. We maintain a vast database of active ingredients that enrich your proprietary formula to improve beauty benefits. In addition, our QA laboratory takes care in creating a compliant, meticulous setting for testing and reformulation of products.

Effective vertical integration

Our continuous investment in strong vertical integration supports a level of quality that is unmatched in the market place. From moulding of plastic components for perfume and cosmetics, to lacquering and printing of bottles, the end-to-end process lives under one roof and empowers EPW to oversee and coordinate every step of the manufacturing process

Desired outcome

Our optimized process, through effective management of the complete supply chain and depth of experience in the industry, collectively result in improved quality control, pricing, coordination with core production and unparalleled efficiency.

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European Perfume Works Co. LLC
P.O Box : 23121, Sharjah, UAE
Phone : +971- 65342022
Fax : +971- 65342378

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